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 O'Connell Resourcing is passionate about using our position to help the wider community and ensure that we operate as an ethically sound and environmentally responsible organisation.

Our team is committed to making a real impact with both the environment and local communities who benefit from our help and support, which is why we are consistently looking for ways to help create a better world for today and future generation.

For us, charity is more than giving a financial donation. Our chosen not-for-profit organisation to support is  Nishkam Swat - whose primary function is to unite and transform financially disadvantaged communities by focusing on projects which make a difference to peoples lives and improve their prospects.

Our team actively donate their time and effort to various charitable organisations and we get involved in a number of volunteering and fundraising activities with other local charities and communities.

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We are passionate about the environment and strive to ensure that our company operates an environmentally sustainable business strategy. The key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring that they are as efficient as possible

Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers

Meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to the company

Our team continually work together to find ways to reduce waste, encourage more recycling and sustainability both within the business and across the world as a whole. Some of our most recent initiatives include:

  • Assessing the ethical and environmental policies and credentials of our supplies prior to awarding contracts

  • Encouraging a reduction in printing by implementing stronger and more secure online systems

  • Removal of individual bins by desks and encouraging reuse and recycling

  • Using recycled or renewable materials wherever possible

Our environmental policy can be viewed here.

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