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Moving People

Selection of Placements Made | Q4 2019

The final quarter had a similar pace to Q3 with the majority of mandates being due to our existing clients expanding. We anticipate candidates being more active within the market...

Our Annual Remuneration Report is Out!

We are delighted to announce the completion of our Alternative Investment Management Remuneration Report. The report is compiled using both salary and...

Selection of Placements Made | Q3 2019

The demand for talent continued to be steady in Q3, with similar levels to that of previous years. There is certainly less movement with those in more senior seats...

We're Moving!

As of Monday 1st July we will have a new address, this time in Fitzrovia! We have recently outgrown our current space and as the saying goes “a change is as good...

Selection of Placements Made | Q2 2019

The volume of work on our side almost doubled during the second quarter of 2019! While this period generally tends to be busy, we got the impression clients took...

Revised Newsletter now live!

We are delighted to announce that the first issue of our revised monthly newsletter is now out. This production is to provide some useful information and...

Tusk Charity Quiz Night

A great night was had by all at the annual Tusk Fundraiser organised by Emso Asset Management. Thanks to those who were able to join us on the evening and no doubt...

OCR Team Event

We made our annual visit to Aintree on Friday and it proved to be another fun trip. It was a well-deserved break away from the office for all the team.

Selection of Placements Made | Q1 2019

On our side, Q1 of 2019 was a lot quieter in comparison to other first quarters in recent years. A lower level of “active” candidates in the market was definitely a factor coupled...

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